Thursday, 29 August 2013

Desk Day

Today has been a day behind the desk, adding section upon section to the business plan and doing a heap of market research - something that has proved to be a seemingly endless task... It's all in the name of knowing the business and its place in the market better though, and that is of course very important.

Also this week I have totally finished off the design for what is currently known as 'blouse ii'. Enticing name needed! Complete with bound sleeve edges, overlocked seams and flat felled hemlines, I'm really excited to get this one into production once and for all.

For that to happen however, we need to get this plan done and dusted, so it's back to the Macintosh with a cup of tea for me. As the week nears its end plans are beginning to get underway for next week's ventures, which will include product development on a number of pieces (including accessories(!) and the long awaited completion of 'blouse i'), extensive research into web optimisation and of course yet more business plan writing. This thing needs finishing! Hope you're having a great week.

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