Saturday, 8 June 2013


Cutting out the pattern for the first Holoholo blouse has been more than a little treacherous. The comparatively large amount of stretch in the bamboo as opposed to the cotton I have been using has made the process much trickier, but at least I'm learning as I go. Making sure the weave of the fabric is perfectly square is a task in itself, and when it warps with every movement this becomes very difficult. I have done my best with the tools I have (carpeted-floor-cutting-table and fabric shears), but I believe it may be time to invest in a large self-healing mat and rotary cutter, as well as some purpose-built fabric weights (see candle and hair product above!)

Will continue with what I have at the moment for this prototype and get cracking with ordering some more fabric for the next one and the bits of equipment I need as soon as possible. I may well also scour the web for a second hand cutting table... a girl can dream!

Posting has been a little slow this week since it was my birthday on Wednesday, but the aim is to get things moving again starting on Monday and get these prototypes made up. Hope everyone's managed a spot of sun-soaking so far this weekend... and if not, there's always tomorrow!

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