Sunday, 30 June 2013

Clean Lines

Been working on the practical side of Holoholo this week, which has been probably a little over-exciting with the arrival of the new rotary cutter taking residence at HQ.

It has really made a huge difference to the speed and efficiency of pattern cutting, which as you can imagine, is great news for someone intending to produce pieces from a home-studio alongside another job.

It's also been great fun to print onto the trims of the blouses (although they haven't yet been dyed). This was done to get some practice in and get a feel for the overall look of the finished garment. There are a few places in the block that are transferring ink where they shouldn't be, but I have some plans up my sleeve (and a very handy boyfriend) that should be able to fix that no problem.

The next step of finalising the pieces and the processes for their creation is ensuring an impeccably finished garment that will stand the test of time. Choices have already been made along the way to create a sustainable design - for example the fabrics used and the thread choice - but finishing the seams of the blouses is a very important process not to be overlooked. After trying many different finishing methods, it has become apparent that the best option for the inside seams is overlocking - a process that requires a complete other sewing machine with multiple spools that creates a unique stitch pattern able to stop edges from ravelling without adding extra bulk.

The unfortunate thing about this is that these machines (as all things do) come at a price... As luck would have it though, my hours at work are nearly doubling these next two weeks, so I should make enough from overtime to cover the cost of an overlocker. Exciting! The increased hours over the next fortnight will inevitably mean less work can go into Holoholo, but since the next thing we need requires that bit of extra money, it will all be worth it in the end. Will do my best to get some things done though!

Happy weekend, all!

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