Tuesday, 28 May 2013


After a long day yesterday spent behind the beloved Macbook that has got me through 3 years of university and continues to serve loyally, an exciting thing happened... holoholo.co.uk had a makeover! It's not currently live, as there are a few bits that still need sorting, but I'm very pleased with how it's looking currently.

The most important change has been to its logo, which is now completely custom and copyrighted. No more trebuchet for us! I took a few snapshots along the way to give you an idea of the process. If you're not familiar with vectors, the most important thing about them is that they are completely scaleable - so there is no pixillation when a vector image is resized. Fun!

The original handwritten word

Mapping out the word with vectors

The vectorised word (outline only)

The finished article!

Here's a sneaky peek at how the website is looking at the moment...

Looking forward to when I can get every last inch of it finished - including product photographs - so we can finally go live and begin to trade. What a thought!

But of course, before Holoholo can begin to manufacture and sell its first line, all of the important things need to be put in place. One of the most paramount of which being funding, which is something I have begun to look at in detail today. Unfortunately I was called in to work at late notice so will have pick up where I felt off this evening, and then I can begin to put a plan into place in order to cover the start-up costs.

I had best get back to said research before dinner time rolls around again and I'm forced to take another break from my computer. If only I'd had this work ethic at school!

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