Tuesday, 9 April 2013


The hands I'm talking about aren't the ones at the end of my arms but rather the term for the feel of a certain fabric. This is of course an important consideration in my quest for the perfect material for my pieces, and therefore a lot of 'feeling' has been going on, for want of a better word! The two textiles I got hold of in the past week were a polycotton and a 100% cotton, both in white. Both woven fabrics incorporating cotton, my aim over the past few days has been to compare the two materials in order to ascertain which one would be more appropriate for my needs.

I therefore created two size S blouses, one from each fabric, and have taken a few photographs in the hope that they can convey a few of the differences.

The 100% cotton is more opaque than the polycotton; a much denser fabric with a soft hand feel that is almost linen-like. This has created a few concerns for me with regard to creasing, as ironing the blouse from a dry state even with a lot of steam has not managed to get all of the creases out.

The polycotton on the other hand is a more sheer textile that hangs nicely and isn't too heavy. This is something I like, although when comparing the hand to that of the 100% cotton, I am concerned it does not feel as good a quality.

From here I will be researching the differences between 100% cotton and polycotton, and sourcing some different samples - especially of different types of cotton. I'm glad I began with the materials I have 'to hand' (ie. available at my local sewing shop), as I now have a reference on which to base my next findings. Onward to the online retailers!

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