Monday, 25 March 2013

Long Overdue

Since last Monday I was travelling across England, France and Belgium, I was unable to post my usual start-of-the-week images - but as luck has it (or not) - I am in no such situation and therefore able to keep up with tradition. I am currently at work (spare a thought) and will likely not be back 'til late, so I put this together last night. Organised or what!

1. The cup of tea I will be dying for when I finally make it home from my 10 hour shift
2. The peanut butter cups that will be hidden in my apron, getting me through the day
3. The words that will no doubt play non-stop in my head (particularly if someone asks me to split their bill...)

It's gonna be a tough one but we're all in it together, are we not? Happy Monday!

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